The Declarations require that an owner must obtain prior written approval for ANY exterior alteration or addition to property within our Association.
Failure to obtain architectural approval could result in the imposition of fines levied by the Association and/or requirements that the change made without architectural approval be removed or otherwise brought into compliance with community standards all at the owner’s expense.
To comply with the Declarations, please complete the proper form and forward the proposed alteration to the review committee.
Architectural Change Request
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Architectural Change Requests
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General Questions/Suggestions
General questions and suggestions that are not related to any Requests.

Property Values

Having a well-kept home in a well-kept neighborhood is important for the protection of property values. Each resident who owns a home in the community is held to the same set of standards for the upkeep of their home's exterior. A major renovation can easily ruin the look of the neighborhood with the addition of an extension that looks out of place. To this end Residents are required to submit for approval any modification projects to the exterior of their home, or landscaping ideas. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and Landscape Committees review each submittal to ensure consistency and continuity with original community design standards.

Our Communities

Right in the heart of New Sherwood, you will find The New Sherwood Pool and Tennis Club, LLC. The pool is open each year from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day and features a lap swim, a baby pool, and a diving well. It is home to the New Sherwood Stingrays Swim Team, with an annual participation of more than 125 swim team members, ages 4 to 18.

Year-round recreation is offered at the playground, tennis, and basketball courts. Sherwood Homeowner’s Association members receive a discount on yearly memberships. Our members genuinely enjoy a community within their community.

Everything You Want

  • Architectural Requests

    The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and Landscape Committee review each submittal to ensure consistency and continuity with original community design standards.

  • Antenna Installation

    Any antenna installation on the outside of a unit must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee.

  • Landscape Requests

    Owners may receive approval for planting trees and/or shrubs at their own expense after submitting a plan in writing to the Landscaping Committee.

  • Repair Requests

    This form is for repairs that are covered by the Sherwood Association. This is not for changes to the exterior of your home.